Tham Pha Thai National Park

General Information
Thamphathai National Park covers the regions of Muang District, Jae Hom District, Ngao District of Lampang Province. The topography of this National Park consist of mountains, rich timber forests and mixed deciduous forests, in addition to teak plantations spreading all around the places. The National Park could be the residence area for a large amount of wild critters. Most of the areas are water sources. Major Places of Interest include Thamphathai, Lom Phukeaw, Kewlom Reservoir, Tham-okroo, Huay Maepreung. Furthermore, you will find lots of small-sized water falls all over the National Park, as well as the Young Elephant Training Center, also a tourist attraction of the Forest Industry Organization, situated in the approximate area of 1,284.9 square kilometers or 802,436.17 rai.
The topography of this National Park contain high mountains, ราชภัฏสวนสุนันทา  mixed forests, teak plantations and recovered areas. Major mountain-tops comprise Doi Kewlom (1,202 meters high), accompanied by Doi Sanklang (1,022 meters high), Doi Phahuad (975 meters high). The majority of the areas are timber forests and mixed woods. Doi Luang (1,100 meters top ) can be found in the southern portion of this National Park. Major agricultural sites are situated in the southern portion of this National Park, nonetheless, in the western portion of this National Park, the majority of the areas are lumber forests. Gullies and flows in the western part of this National Park leak in to Wang River, meanwhile, most of the gullies and streams in the eastern portion of the National Park flow in to Ngao River.
It’s quite popular in summer (March-May) and the wind blows from the southwest. From the rainy season (May-October), meanwhile, it rains consistently and there are heavy storms and the wind blows from the southwest. In winter (November-February), it is quite cold in the night as well as the area is generally covered with fogs at the daytime. The cold wind blows from the north east.
Flora and Fauna
Since the topography of this National Park include high mountains, you can find various kinds of forests within the area of this National Park, including dense or leafy forests and arid, evergreen forests. Significant plants incorporate Malabar ironwood, rubber trees, Lithocarpus cantleyanus (Kor), Indian mahogany, Cinnamon, Gonocaryum lobbianum, etc.. Leafy woods incorporate mixed deciduous woods, timber forests.
Wild creatures found at the National Park comprise gaur, wild boars, monkeys, porcupines, porcupines, masked palm civets, bamboo rats, crazy rabbits, different types of birds, reptiles such as earth lizards, chameleons, crazy geckos, different kinds of snakes, and amphibians such as frogs, small green frogs, bullfrogs, toads, and different sorts of fish.

Impact of Web to the Education System


The Data highway and also the web has improved how in which the world goes about doing things. This is an additional point at a very long continuum of inventions that will be utilized to optimise life styles. One is inclined to ask, just how can the power of computers to talk to each other increase the educational process in the classroom? How does this create a variance in study of epics like the Odyssey and the Iliad? These questions and more will probably be replied in the next passages. The Internet features an even more pervading effect than other electronic networking and is the contemporary engine of advancement; it is the fresh form of believing that will demonstrate a fresh method of online instruction ราชภัฏสวนสุนันทา.

Computers and the Information super highway are quickly shifting the usa. The web is making large amounts of info out there at speeds that are unprecedented. If this revolution helps make fully felt in universities, educators and college students are going to have essentially immediate accessibility to enormous quantities of information along with a wide selection of learning tools. If we guide the advice revolution wisely, these resources will undoubtedly be available not only to affluent suburban universities but additionally to rural college districts and also innercity colleges. B road entry can reduce differences in the characteristic of internet instruction and offer kiddies in every areas new opportunities to understand. Used nicely, this changing technology could perform a major part college reform.

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The drive to integrate technology to our state’s schools goes much beyond the net. If the Internet didn’t exist, complex technology would still have so many invaluable educational uses space training software, collaborative wisdom, therefore forth far larger chances compared to being considered could be warranted.

Web resources are excellent tools such as researches. Let us not kid ourselves, however. Even though policy makers, practitioners, and moms and dads did decide exactly what their intentions were better even if the study findings supported you of a few configurations of hardware and applications, selecting if, how, or if to use technologies (or some other reform) at the class room is probably not going to be determined solely upon those bases. A number of other facets –ranging from civic pressure to superintendents needing to abandon their own fingerprints on the district into tech corporations promoting their services and products –shape conclusions to purchase and allocate engineering to universities.

The Internet can be an outstanding information resource and also a effective communication tool. The ability to make use of innovative technologies is becoming a vital component in livelihood options, and also the upcoming success of the current students will be more affected by their own understanding of and capacity to gain access and use electronic details. The increased utilization of online services in the home from kids adds to the impetus for universities to have an even far more active role in household instruction seeing their usage.

Faculties have the possibility to be accessibility factors and online educational centres for investigating online resources. Higher involvement of parents in school education programs can help deal with public concerns and also could enhance their children’s entire academic performance. If teachers assume responsibility of helping students master using technology and also educating them about potential risks, students are becoming more permitted to create sensible decisions.