How To Purchase For Petrol After You Lease A Car


In last week’s article we outlined a number of tips and tricks on the most common surcharges when you need to rent a car in Spain. Apart from the already mentioned additional charges like airport surcharges, insurances, sales taxes, concession recovery fees, customer facility charges to name but a fee there are other additional charges which may be applicable depending on your travel destination or the pickup station you collect the car from. Here are some tricks about gasoline charges applied at the desk of the car hire companies in Spain.

Depending on the car hire company you are renting the vehicle with there are a number of petrol policies applicable in Spain.

There are companies in Spain who will deliver the car with a full tank of petrol and will charge you for the petrol used or you are allowed to return the car full again in which case you will not be charged for the petrol or will receive a refund in case the corresponding amount has been credited to your credit card at the time of signing the rental agreement. Please note that some of these companies may require a high premium charge (sometimes also called refuelling charge) for returning a car with an empty tank, so in these cases you’ll definitely want to make sure to fill up before you return your vehicle to the rental company, unless you’re really in a hurry and risk to miss your plane due to the delay of finding a petrol station and fill up the tank rent a car thailand.

Other companies in Spain require you to purchase a full tank of petrol when you sign the rental agreement and collect the car, enabling you to return the car with as much (or as little) petrol as you wish. In these cases there is no refund for unused fuel, but it can be very convenient when you return the car at the rental station, because you can walk straight to the check in desk at the airport, there is no need to wait in line at the car rental counter for a final adjustment of the balance. You will also avoid the trip to the petrol station to fill up the tank.

A third option which is sometimes applied by smaller car hire companies without proper installations close to the airport (including refueling services) or local offices of mayor car hire companies in Spain which are very far away from the nearest petrol station is that the vehicle is delivered with the amount of petrol it was left with by the previous customer and you are requested to return the car with the same amount of gas. This may seem convenient, as you do not have to reimburse any money at all for the petrol, but occasionally this can be rather inconvenient, especially when you arrive late at night and find that many petrol stations are closed or when you fill up the car and due to circumstances have to return the hire car with a lot more petrol than it was delivered with in which case the car hire company does normally not reimburse you for the extra fuel left in the tank.

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